Test out my implementation of the wave function collapse! I've been obsessed with it since I discovered Oskar Stålbergs work, and Marian42's implementation helped me start getting into it.

The architecture's inspiration came from catalan sculptor Xavier Corberó and the unbelievable labyrinthine home he designed throughout his life.


  • Just test with the provided UI, altough with high sizes may "collapse" the app (this is still a WIP).
  • You can move the camera with A/D and Left/Right arrows.

UI meaning:

  • Map and submap sizes: due to webGL limited memory capacity i've divided all the map with multiple waveFunctionCollapses for each submap. So all the cells inside a submapSize will be multiplied for MapSize and gradually collapse.
  • Process mode: check / uncheck to see the collapsing process or not.
  • Speed: speed the process (only when Process mode is enabled.
  • Backtracking: each time a module can't collapse will get to a previous state until it can advance. If unchecked it will leave all red cubes, which are uncollapsed modules.


The music is created by Kris G. Moncada @iikrisgm


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i love this. first time i've heard of wave function collapse, i will definitely try to use it in a game sometime. i would also like to be able to orbit.

(2 years later...) Hi there, did you end up using it in a game?

not yet! but glad to have the reminder, hopefully can use it in something!

Generative art pipes by Guillem Serra (itch.io) here you'll find a link to a github repository, the project is open sourced, and it is essentially the same algorithm as in WFCorberó :)

This is wonderful. The links are a treat, too. Really delightful stuff. Thank you for sharing your work & inspiration.

Some minor UI requests/feedback, if you're open to them:

- The mousewheel sensitivity seems extremely high for my setup (I'm using a laptop trackpad) -- I'm finding it difficult to zoom to a distance that's useful. It would be a big help if the sensitivity were lower or configurable.

- The UI to the left seems small to my feeble eyeballs, if it were ~1.5x - 2x larger, I'd have to squint less.

- This is probably just a personal preference, but I wish I could mouse-drag to orbit the structure.

- What are "Process Mode" and "History Mode"?

hey man, 2 years late but thanks for the valuable feedback. I actually improved the UI in my next game: Wave Function Collapse Editor by Guillem Serra (itch.io)

I love the diorama style!

I know, 2 years late... Didn't see the comment. Thank you!!

Nice liminal space feel.

You could make a game where we walk through the levels and new ones are generated as you reach the end of one level.

(sorry, 2 years late) I also thought about something like that actually. Then the idea started to be too complex to develop and got a different path.